Happy Year of the Wood Horse!

Happy Year of the Wood Horse!

Posted by Adriana Teodoro-Dier on 8th Mar 2014

For my first blog post, I am happy to wish you Happy Chinese New Year! It is the year of the Wood Horse....life is never boring with the fun-loving, charismatic horse around!

The year of the Wood Horse is a special year for my family: my father was born in the year of the Wood Horse, so this means he has lived through a complete 60-year cycle. ......and this is the only year where I will be exactly half his age!

 It is said that with age comes wisdom....yet I have heard that nothing can compare to the wisdom of a child. 

Either way, my dad still expresses a playful child-like spirit (sometimes quite exuberantly).

May the Wood Horse bring you intuition, flexibility, and perseverance for all your creative projects! Keep visiting for product updates, teaching tips, and possibly intriguing thoughts....