Cavern (YSK 134)

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Cavern (YSK 134)

This wonderfully oversize notecard measures 5"x7". High-quality, glossy art print. Eco-friendly printing process. Comes with plastic sleeve and envelope. Signed by artist.

The design for this card is a detail from a painting called "Trust."


Painting description:

It was late summer after I had just graduated from college and for the time being, I was free.  I found myself able to let go of external expectations and just look within. I painted this piece in Kona, Hawaii, using acrylic on canvas. My studio was outside on the lanai and I listened to the surf as the breeze blew over my easel and rustled the fronds of the palm trees. In this lush setting, I felt connected to the stillness of the sunrise, the unhurried pace of the day followed by a brilliant sunset and the quiet of the evening.