Mollusc (CLK 261)

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Mollusc (CLK 261)

 This wonderfully oversize notecard measures 5"x7". High-quality, glossy art print. Eco-friendly printing process. Comes with plastic sleeve and envelope. Signed by artist.

The design for this card is a detail from a painting called "The Creation."


Painting description:

"As the young lands reached out and dried in the hot sun, the first heartbeat skipped."

I painted this piece in Kona, Hawai'i, using acrylic on canvas. My studio was outside on the lanai and I listened to the surf as the breeze blew over my easel. Eruptions of Mt. Kilauea on the Island of Hawai'i are a constant reminder of the raw creative energy that flows powerfully from the earth's core. Very early in the day, when the lava rocks around me mirrored the colors of the sky, I began to paint this piece.