Underwater Lava (CWK 206)

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Underwater Lava (CWK 206)

This wonderfully oversize notecard measures 5"x7". High-quality, glossy art print. Eco-friendly printing process. Comes with plastic sleeve and envelope. Signed by artist.

The design for this card is a detail from a painting called "Song."


Painting description:

"Whales leap in the surf singing while lava carves new paths over the water."

I painted this piece in Kona, Hawai'i, using acrylic on canvas. My studio was outside on the lanai as I listened to the surf with the breeze blowing over my easel. In the fall, migrating pods of  humpback whales swim along the shores of Kona as they journey to California and Alaska. Looking out and seeing their huge tails slap the water, I imagined the whales laughing and frolicking with joy in the beautiful and clear Hawaiian ocean.